cubus occasional furniture in new papaya coloured glass

Trend Colour 2018: papaya.

The colour recommendation from our interior designers for 2018 is papaya. It makes a fresh and exotic impression. Combined with natural wood, this warm colour provides an African touch and a summer feeling. Papaya is particularly attractive as an accent and colour highlight in combination with dark colours.

New glass and ceramic colours.

The new glass colour pearl combines a metallic sheen with the gentleness and warmth of its hue. The resulting reflections generate a soft light, creating a very special mood. Its appearance changes depending on which angle you look at it from. The steel-coloured glass complements the metallic visual effect often seen in architecture. Its hue is cool, neutral and elegant, varying with different lighting and the position of the beholder. The matt shimmer gives the glass a metallic effect and almost magical depth. Like all ceramic surfaces in our range, the new ceramic colour arctic white offers an alternative to the white glass and has a pleasing texture that perfectly harmonises with the solid wood surfaces of our furniture.

magnum cantilever chair in the new Stricktex colour flecked medium grey

New Stricktex colours.

The way that the new Stricktex flecked medium grey and flecked dark grey play with light and dark contrast is familiar from the world of fashion. This effect is intensified in our Stricktex, since the yarn is spun even before the fabric is knit. The fabric’s softness makes for a particularly warm and cosy appearance.

cubus shelf with new design options

New flexibility in the dining room. With the cubus shelf system.

The cubus shelf system now gives you many layout options for sideboards and highboards in the dining area. Hinged doors, sliding doors, drawers and flaps with shelf bases in wood or glass enable a lot of creative freedom in the design. With the planning options offered by the cubus shelf system in the dining and living area and thanks to the consistent form language, the smooth transition between the two living zones is particularly harmonious.

tall cabinet with new interior from TEAM 7

New cabinet interior for connoisseurs.

The new premium system made of anthracite-coloured metal gives the cabinet interiors of our solid wood kitchens a particularly exclusive look. High-quality steel plate has a slim profile which makes the shelves look more refined and at the same time allows more storage space. The front and side rails of the drawers are made of solid wood – matching the wood used for the cabinet. This lends the kitchen an even more elegant appearance and increases your kitchen design options. Our new magnetic partitions and versatile drawer dividers can be combined in various ways, giving you many different organizational layout options.


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